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Our priority is to offer affordable hosting products and have therefore compiled a comprehensive knowledge base to help cut down on the amount of technical support required.  Please see various support channels below.

we’re here to help

We endeavour to update our knowledge base on a regular basis to ensure that help is available 24/7.  Should you not have found a solution to your query, please send us an Email to request assistance.

log a support ticket (24/7)

Should you not have found a solution to your query in our knowledge base the request below will generate a trouble/support ticket!
Our response and turnaround will be dependent on the severity and nature of your request, according to our SLA. You will receive email confirmation of your request within a couple of minutes.

View Email settings

Whether you require desktop or mobile Email server settings for Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, Android or IOS, our mail lookup tool will provide all the recommended secure settings.

Always make use of secure settings, i.e. SSL enabled to ensure safe transmission of data across networks.

frequently asked questions
Why do I have to log a ticket for everything with you?

The short answer is that we are better able to manage and control requests with our ticket system. 

The longer answer is that we need requests to be on record as we have situations where there are misunderstandings between agents and clients during telephone conversations.

We also cannot correctly escalate, transfer and follow-up on SMS, chat and phone calls. 

I cannot find my query in your Knowledge Base, What next?

Please let us know if your query is not covered in the Knowledgebase! We’ll update our KB to include your request for future clients!

How long will you guys typically take to resolve an issue?

We handle each case, based on the severity of the request and in accordance with our SLA for the specific product.

Typically you will see an auto response from our ticket system within a minute or two, after which the assigned support agent will respond accordingly, either with an update or confirmation that the issue has been resolved.

Please see the SLA for your product for more on this.

What constitutes an emergency?

When any of your web or Email hosting services seem to be “down” and you “ping” your domain via the command prompt (Windows) or terminal (Mac) and a “General failure” or “Request timed out” message is returned.  Please view our SLA for more details.

What falls under high priority?

Your website displays a 500 error and you are not able to find any solution on our knowledgebase and have exhausted all online tutorials or your Emails fail to connect via your mail application even though the webmail is accessible.  Please view our SLA for more details

What do you support exactly?

You need to be able to self-manage most of your services. For instance, to reset your Email passwords, register a new domain or make an online payment.

SeriousBilling and DirectAdmin host panel is software designed for you to login and manage most aspects of your hosting with us.

Within SeriousBilling you should be able to manage both accounting and hosting panel related functions.  There are, of course, certain features that have to be managed via DirectAdmin host panel.

Our responsibility is to ensure that the hosting environment is optimized, i.e. Web and Email servers run optimally, providing you with 99.9% uptime.

Are you committed to respond to my query within a reasonable time?

Our priority is to ensure that your services are functional, hence our commitment to respond to your query within the time frames set out in our SLA.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Service Level Agreement and let us know if anything is unclear as we would like to provide the best possible hosting experience for our clients.

How do I know what my Email settings are?

Your Email settings can be viewed by navigating to our helpful hosting support portal.  Simply enter your Email address or domain name in the address bar, click go and you will be provided with all the correct settings for mobile and desktop devices.

What are normal to low priority queries?

These are not technical support related queries, but rather enquiries regarding 3rd party applications (WordPress, WooCommerce, Outlook) or Email settings, etc. of which the answers can be found online, if not reflecting on our site or in our knowledgebase. We endeavour to update our knowledge base on a regular basis to ensure that help is available 24/7.  Please view our SLA for more details.