Website comparison

SitePad VS WordPress

Do you have limited experience and need to build your own site?  Then we have the solution for you!

Below is a comparison between SitePad and WordPress.  WordPress is categorized as a CMS (Content Management Systems) and require different skill levels to develop websites.

SitePad Builder (SAAS)
Software as a service

Database required

Easy to use – smaller learning curve

“What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG)

Native drag-and-drop interface

SitePad “Plugins” just work, although limited in functionality.

SitePad includes themes

Each website template is responsive for mobile devices

Less resource intensive, depending on hosting plan offered by provider

Site cannot be moved as it is a hosted solution, although the content remains your property.

FROM R109.00 pm

WordPress (CMS)
Content Management System

Database required

Experience required – steep learning curve
Let us develop & host your WordPress site

Theme/Page builder plugin required

No default visual interface – form editor

Plugins often require setup and tweaking, but offers a lot of flexibility.

Required to purchase themes

Certain themes require adjustments for mobile device responsiveness

Can be resource intensive, depending on theme and/or amount of plugins used

Theme remains your property and can be downloaded with the database.

FROM R89.00 pm

SitePad and WordPress website maintenance, security and updates remain the responsibility of the client unless specified otherwise. will assist with restore of backups only should a site fail to load.